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Lexia Core 5 is a free online program that students can use to become more fluent in reading.
Play games at CORE FIVE to become a faster reader! Log in with your I.D. number as your username and again as your password.

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Teacher Tip: When you LOOK BACK to confirm your answers, place a tiny sticky arrow next to the answer.
Teacher Tip: Remind your student to visualize.
"Make a picture in your head after each sentence. When it's time to retell, you can close your eyes and remember the pictures you made. You can play them back like a movie!"
Reading Comprehension Worksheets 1
Reading Comprehension Worksheets 2
Reading Comprehension Worksheets 3
Check out books at the library to practice these specific comprehension strategies at home.

Print this bookmark and mini poster to remember what to do when you can't read a word!

Word Attack

Does your child cry and whine when they don't know a word?
Equip your child with weapons to help them "attack" a new word!

Print these flashcards that I made on cardstock to practice the 80 sounds of first grade.
(Be sure to print them as handouts to save paper and ink.)

I also created this document to show parents the marks we use in class to help break down words into smaller parts.
Practice these marks to help you break down a word at home when you read.
Teacher Tip: Watch television with the closed caption on. You'll be amazed what they pick up automatically after 6 months!


Teaching Video and Games
Printable Syllable Activities
Six Syllable Types Article
Multisyllabic Words to Practice

Nonsense Words

If you would like some more practice decoding unfamiliar words at home, this is a great activity. Once a word is divided into syllables, each part looks like a "nonsense word."
If students are used to reading "nonsense words," they will more easily be able to read each chunk or syllable of a large word. Remember that every vowel "sandwiched"
between two consonants makes the short sound. I believe that if students can read more fluently, they can concentrate more on comprehension.
This activity promotes fluency, automaticity, and speed. It will be tested 3 times this year with the first grade DIBELS test.
Practice Test
Make a Real Word with Clifford
Make a Word With "Magnetic" Letters

Extra Work

Below are excellent explanations for parents and activities to practice many phonics skills.
Fry High Frequency Word Lists to print
Dolch High Frequency Words Your Child Should Know
Activities and Worksheets
Free Printable Worksheets

Free Online Homework Assistance

The State Library in cooperation with public libraries across the state is providing free online tutoring and academic resources from for all Louisiana students. Students get one-on-one help in Math, Science, Social Studies, or English from a live, qualified tutor. Tutors are available Sunday through Thursday 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. The SkillsCenter is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service can be accessed from a Louisiana public library or from a home computer by going to