Homework Policy

external image homedog.gifThe homework sheet will always be copied on colored paper and given on the Friday before. It is possible to download the math homework from my wiki, but please do NOT work ahead in Math. I like to teach the skill before my students practice it. You can use the weekend to complete other homework early if you need to make time for after school activities, but all assigned homework for the day must be completed by the following morning. Please check over your child’s homework for completion and accuracy. If your child and I cannot find an assignment, they will lose participation points. Consistently late or incomplete homework will drop your student’s participation grade.

Be Careful

Credit for completed homework is not given if the page is not brought to me. If you notice that I have not checked your child's homework, this means that there was a sub or your child did not bring their homework to me when I called their group.If your child did not put homework on my desk on the day that homework was due, participation points will be lost. If a two-sided math page is assigned as homework, both sides are expected to be completed. If your child arrives late (after I have already checked HW), I may not check their homework that day. Please send it again the next day.

KIDBIZ Homework: Students must now do TWO activities each week.

Username example: john.doe OR john.doe.1
Password: your child's classroom (alphabetical order) number
This assignment can be done on any day of the week. The report that I print every Friday morning includes all activity since the last report (from last Friday to this Friday).
Access KidBiz 3000 online below. You may choose an article on the home page or search for one that interests you!
Click on the dark orange tab labeled ARTICLE and read. Click on the dark orange tab labeled ACTIVITY and answer the questions.
It is not necessary to complete the poll questions or the thought question this year. Students will be expected to do these in second grade.
In order to receive credit for the KidBiz assignment, you must get at least 75% or higher on the first try. If it doesn’t happen on the first try, you must continue trying with different articles until that score is reached. The "second try" on the same article does not count.
Teacher Tip: Instead of looking over your child's homework, let them form the habit of checking over their own work.external image flashlight.gif
Make a game out of it as you let them search for empty blanks with a mini flashlight!

Parent Tip: If your child has a good day at school, let them chew gum while they do their homework!external image gg57344759.jpg

The Current Homework Sheet will always be found at the top of this list.