Feeling helpful?

There are lots of opportunities to help Ms. Evans!

external image 0545039924_rgb2_sm.jpgDonate a book to our classroom library.
Donate m&m's. pretzel sticks, or goldfish crackers. I use those every day to treat good listeners!
Change the bulletin board in the cafeteria.
Get a "big ticket item" donated (like classes, hotel rooms, tickets to an event) for our Jubilee class basket.
Take down old and put up new decorations for the next season or holiday.
Donate a prize to our treasure chest in the classroom.

It's fun and easy to raise money for Marrero Academy!external image school-fundraiser-color.gifJust take a few minutes to collect some things around your house:

Box Tops for Education
Used Juice Pouches (please throw away straws)
Cambell's Labels for Education (with UPC code)
Community Coffee Labels (with UPC code)
Tyson Project A+ labels
Empty Ink Cartridges
Old Cell Phone/Laptop Batteries
Sunny D (UPC code)