Our flock migrates to the school library every Thursday.

Students may keep the books for two weeks, renew the books, or exchange them the very next week.

Log your time reading at Read 100,000
external image ATbjLAjXc.png
Scroll down and click the yellow LOGIN box. Please be honest when logging your minutes.
You may include minutes spent reading Kidbiz articles and other homework.
Do NOT enter more than 300 minutes per day or 1,700 per week. Thank you for your participation!
You can find more information here in our librarian's letter.

FUN FACT: During the 2016-2017 school year, our school ranked FIRST, logging more minutes than any other school in the entire NATION!

Remember when entering log in codes that sometimes the number one looks similar to the lowercase letter L. Try both!

To search for the book that you would like to check out next, click on our Online Catalog
external image logo.jpgCatalog Don't forget to click on the "Catalog" tab next to the mudbug!