Lexia Core 5

Lexia Core 5 is a free online program that students can use to become more fluent.
Play games at CLEVER to become a faster reader! Log in with your I.D. number as your username and again as your password.



Once a week your child will be expected to read an article online and do the activities that follow with 75% accuracy. If your student does not make 75% or higher the first time, they must start over and read another article to get full credit for that week's reading participation grade. Your child's username is their first name.last name. Their password is the number on their classroom number.
Teacher Tip: If your child whines about reading, promise them equal time afterwards to play games on my wiki!
Think before you chirp!
Online Practice
What's The Word?
Label that picture
Put it on the Shelf with definitions!

Word Wizard

Word Family Sort

Silent E

Make a Word
Phonics Songs and Stories

Spell Short Vowel Words

Online Quizes - Registration is free!
Stories Read Aloud by Actors
Cause and Effect Match
Rhyming Words
Starfall Books
Themed Reading Curriculum Activites
Online Children's Books
Select your own character and setting for this Riddle Quest Story
Bedtime Story Favorites Read Aloud
Fables and Fairy Tales Read Aloud
Books Read Aloud
Books Read Aloud By Famous Actors
Read Books Online (Tess' Tree is my personal favorite.)
Create your own timeline with this

More Monday Mysteries!
Treasures Themed Thursday
Common Core coordinated activites